Free Handbook: Find Your Story Handbook for Change-Makers


My passion is my mission and that is to release the visionary in you through the power of story – your unique story – so you can find your true voice and experience deep fulfillment in life and business.

We each have our own unique spiritual signature, and therefore a unique story to tell. A story that needs to be heard.

I have dedicated my life to exploring and activating that Soul Story Map that lives within each one of us.

As an Entrepreneur Story Intuitive, and practitioner of Soul Purpose Numerology I can hone in, with precision, on the issues supporting and blocking you, and quickly clear them so you can be who you’re meant to be and get on with your life’s work.

I do this through individual and group coaching, retreats and workshops using a number of breakthrough modalities such as holographic inquiry, meditation, conscious movement and Diving Healing. After working for more than 20 years as a coach and mentor to executives in Fortune 500 companies as well as hundreds of coaches, entrepreneurs and change agents around the world I have plenty of stories to tell!

I love mountains, water, and sky, and if you don’t hear from me for a while, you know I’m out there in the big beyond, hiking or swimming or watching some awesome sunset happen.


Here’s some back story if you’re curious…

How does a UK-born physics graduate become a creative writing coach in Australia?

How does a volunteer teacher for Burmese refugees become a mentor to Fortune 500 executives?

How does a meditation teacher and nun in the mountains of Thailand become a married professional helping entrepreneurs find their voice in the United States?

How do any of us get from here to there?

I admit I have a very eclectic past. I’ve lived in six different countries, and tested out as many different careers as I have fingers. I guess I needed all that variety to help shift the unworthiness and desperate need for approval that I felt as a child.

As a kid I had a lot of spiritual experiences, but no real context for them. I was fascinated by ESP and God and angels and all things unseen. But this sensitivity to energy made human relationships very confusing. I could feel everything others were feeling, but I couldn’t separate their emotions from my own. My child mind interpreted their disappointment or anger at life, as disapproval of me.

My twisted response was to try to fix everyone around me, freak out if I got less than an A in my studies, and be super careful not to rock the boat at home. If I could change how those around me felt, I might just earn their approval, and the sky wouldn’t fall – at least for one more day.

This internal struggle took me on a spiritual quest across four continents, through the laws of quantum physics, to countless mind/body modalities, and years of meditating and teaching in mountaintop Ashrams.

I did have some extraordinary spiritual experiences, but still the unworthiness persisted. No matter how long I sat on my butt and contemplated my navel, I never seemed to feel good enough.

The breakthrough came from left field at the age of 32. A chance meeting with a Burmese refugee when I was living in Thailand, sparked a four-year project that was to open me up to a whole new way of being in the world.

I was invited to lead a training program for the 60 schoolteachers in the 10,000 person camp. I’m still not exactly sure how everything shifted, but at a core level, the love and appreciation they showered over me, soothed a very deep wound. I began to feel that same love and appreciation for myself. As a result, my confidence and creativity began to blossom (I am a Flower after all!!)

My life took a whole new trajectory. I became a successful professional writer, contributing articles to major magazines and newspapers, I started teaching creative writing classes, and my spiritual mentoring gradually evolved to personal growth and story coaching with entrepreneurs and executives.

Of course there were lots of bumps along the way – betrayals and losses, victories and defeats – as in any good story. But my more recent introduction to Soul Contract Numerology has somehow coalesced everything I do into one clear thing: unearthing that treasure that is the true story of your soul – your life lessons, your talents, your goals and your soul destiny. I do this through a Soul Contract Reading – which means decoding the numbers in your name.

There’s a precision to this process, which then allows me to follow with whatever modality or action needs to happen next: whether it’s healing a core wound, exploring your brand story, writing your bio, finding your core message… story coaching begins with the numbers.

Once I uncovered what was hidden in my name, my whole life made sense. I saw the patterns, and I saw the perfection of it all. And I can see that I am now deeply aligned with my soul destiny. Since adding this to my life, I have new clarity and passion, and many extraordinary things have happened in life and business (that’s a whole different story!).

I can do that for you too. Your numbers will tell me your story.

I can help you translate the story of your soul into your life’s work so you can realize your soul destiny.

Let’s get started!!